How to choose a mixed cooker

The dual fuel ranges combine an electric oven and a hob with gas fireplaces, usually is complemented with a plate powered by electricity, generally cast iron. These are mixed cookers gas stoves but also induction cookers.


How to clean your wash dishes

The dishwasher is present in many homes and saves considerable time compared to hand washing. For your valuable aid still ensures long service in your kitchen, it is essential to make some gestures and necessary cleaning for its proper maintenance.


The smart refrigerators for your kitchen

The rise of connected devices and home automation are revolutionising our daily gradually to the house after the bulbs, thermostats, scales, now is the turn of appliances which require a connection.

This is not a science fiction! Today, smart refrigerators do exist and reach the market. How do they work? What do they propose new?


Types of non-stick-pan for kitchen’s tools

Given the proliferation of materials and coatings, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a pan. Here we will try to be as accurate and as objective as possible for everyone to make a choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Stove with or without coating?

When selecting, this is the first question to ask. The idea is to have two types of pans in the kitchen utensils but the two have opposite patterns of use. One should not use a pan with coating the same way as uncoated pan and yet this is what 90% of us!

A pan with coating, commonly called non-stick pan, is not done by design to be used at high temperatures so it is absolutely not made to cook meat or vegetables for example.

There are different types of coatings. Some coatings allow you to keep your nonstick pan longer, sometimes for many years, especially if you use a low heat. But you should know that in the end, a nonstick pan has a limited lifespan. Its coating will eventually lose its anti-adhesive qualities by the ravages of time. (more…)

The kitchen utensils of the future: smart and really connected

A revolution is brewing in our kitchens. The refrigerator became an assistant to help the user to shop, the oven is connected via Wi-Fi home network, the induction hob,…

Discover all aspects of the kitchen of the future

At home, in the kitchen, robots, furnaces and refrigerators were present long before computers, tablets and smartphones. Inseparable from the adventure of home automation, however, it lacked a little something which probably came from smartphones: the connection.

The manufacturers of high technologies have well trained, as they will soon make their entrance in the kitchen by offering ovens, fridges and intelligent robots. These appliances will be connected even when landed in the living rooms. Because this year, in addition to cameras, camcorders, tablets and smartphones, the best-known brands have added to their stands refrigerators, robots, mixers and other devices the ability to connect as these utensils are equipped with high-tech faculties for a “connected” home. (more…)


To enjoy the air and the softness of a ceiling fan, you’d better choose the best position before launching in the works. Once found, it’ll just follow our three steps to successfully install. This is an easy task provided you steps to follow with safety rules.

Reasons to choose a good ceiling fan are Power and efficiency; they are primarily used to circulate the air to cool the rooms of the house.

To install the device, you will surely make electrical connections. If you do not have expertise in this area, call a professional to avoid any risk of electrocution.

Good to know:

the ceiling fan is often in central position in the room. It is necessary to determine a suitable location (with a power input) to benefit from the air over the entire surface. It is advisable to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters 30 between the ground and the blades not to bump the device (e.g., raising its arms). A gap of 50 cm is recommended between the walls and equipment. It is very great for many indoor recreational activities. (more…)

Comparison and reviews: modern ceiling fans

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl 7815840

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl 7815840 is a ceiling fan model that is both powerful and quiet. The cooling level can be adjusted both in summer mode and winter mode that you always suitable whatever the weather.
To ensure your comfort, this model can operate in three different speeds and in both directions of rotation. This allows you to fit your condition and the weather.
When the operating speed of the device is small, it does not emit any noise allowing you to use it at night without any worry of being bothered by the emitted sound.

The pros

  • Fan: The fan can be set to three speeds, depending on the level you want to refresh. It is also possible to choose between two directions of different steps.
  • Ecological: The Turbo Swirl 7815840 Lighting is very energy efficient. This will allow you to have an electricity bill less busy at the end of the month.
  • Methods summer / winter: A fan we used most often to refresh a room. However, it can also be used to circulate the heat in the winter. This Westinghouse fan you will be useful in any season.

The cons

Bulb: At the level of lighting. It is not possible to install any bulb. The space is actually quite small and the socket is quite long. We must therefore find a bulb having an appropriate size. (more…)

A ceiling fan to distribute heat?

You need a fan to warm a room? No, it is not at all absurd! It happens that, despite an efficient heating system in terms of temperature, room is warm, while others are icy or the ceiling is warm while a section of wall or a part of the piece remains cold.

Moving air remains warm to the ceiling, where the temperature may exceed 28 ° C, while the next room is cold. This is particularly the case with wood stoves and inserts. So, how do?

How to distribute heat without fans

To solve the problem of poor heat distribution, we can get good results such as:

  • By asking a ventilation grid ceiling or behind the apparent stove pipe, to associate to the connecting channel and a heat distributing plant.
  • By installing a good VMC.

However, if these solutions seem complex or they are not sufficient, an alternative worth exploring:

This is to install a ceiling fan. (more…)

Choosing a good ceiling fan?

To choose the ceiling fan model for your needs, it is important to get to know these priorities to purchase. Through this buying guide of the best ceiling fans, we describe you the basic features that allow you to know this. Our advices to buy a good ceiling fan are moving towards taking into account the size of the room, the control system and lighting.

The coin size

If you are wondering how to buy a ceiling fan for better value but for money, so you can concentrate first on the size of the room you want to use this device. The inclusion of this feature is important because it determines the effectiveness of the cooling of the model for which you will choose.
To find out what size of a room suitable for any ceiling fan size, simply measure the longest side of the room and adjust this measure the diameter of the device. In the case where the longest side of the room is less than 12 feet, then the device that you need is one having a maximum diameter equal to 36pouces. In the case where the longest side measuring between 12 to 15pieds, then the appropriate device you should have between 40 and diameter 48pouces; and so far this side reached over 15 feet, then you need the fan should be at least 52pouces diameter.
In case your room is very large, it is also possible to install at the same time more fans for more aesthetic while making sure to follow the previously mentioned measures. (more…)

Memory foam and cold foam mattress: what’s the difference?

Memory foam and cold foam are materials that are widely used in mattresses. However, the two terms are often confused. Nevertheless, there is a fundamental difference between memory foam and cold foam. While memory foam is used mainly by people with joint problems, cold foam is often just a godsend for some obese people and people who are afraid of night sweats.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is the better name for viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The typical characteristic feature of this material is that it is softer when it comes in contact with body heat. There is a lot of science behind because it should of course not be too soft. The optimal ratios, however, it will be within a few seconds to the contours of your body shape without sinking in. Incidentally, the entire mattress is not made of the same material. Only the top layer is memory foam, the remainder is made of another material such as, for example, cold foam or latex.

The biggest advantage of a material such as memory foam is that the pressure is evenly distributed. It is therefore ideal for those with joint problems such as hip pain and back pain. Sometimes it is said that they protect the spine and spine can be aligned. Please note that it is not for any type of back problems. Some people are better served by a harder mattress. (more…)