How to choose the best ceiling fan for your home

The first ceiling fan appeared in the nineteenth century in the United States. Previously, the electric ceiling fan which had hydropower working systems was introduced in 1882 by Philip Diehl. In the modern air conditioning, the old ceiling fan still remains one of the most simple and effective ways to increase indoor comfort. Thanks to this long history, you can now choose from a wide range of styles, sizes and materials of ceiling fans. Beside the function of cooling and heating, ceiling fans now have an additional function addition as a decorative item. The price of ceiling fans is variable, but it depends on performance, functions and design.

How a ceiling fan works?

Almost all ceiling fans have a motor that can run on two sides. In this way, a blowing or suction effect can be obtained, which are usually in three positions (slow, medium, and fast) and is adjustable. It is important that the engine rotates in the right way; otherwise you will suffer an adverse effect. In high room or for smaller or disabled people, it is useful to choose a model that is controlled by wall and remote control. The effect of the fan depends on the direction in which you operate the engine. The desired effect will depend largely on the season:

  • In the summer, the rotation of the blades makes sure that air is blown downward. The wind that is created, ensures that sweat evaporates faster, which is experienced as a cooling effect. In order to cool off, the engine is in the blowing mode.
  • In winter, what is lesser known is that a ceiling fan can have in winter utility. By putting the motor in the suction position, heavy cold air is sucked in. The warm air, which is found naturally at the top of the room, is thereby driven out, and flows along the sides of the room down again. This movement of warm air creates ensure that you have warm air faster.

The purchase

The effectiveness of a ceiling fan depends on a large number of factors. Therefore, make sure that you are well prepared and informed before finding best ceiling fans (Ex: Even a best outdoor ceiling fans cannot give much help in home). By taking into account the following factors, you can assess the real effectiveness of a ceiling fan by yourself:


Installing Alarm System – Types of Alarms and Prices

Who goes on a journey and want to get home with peace of mind all wish to opt for a safe and well-developed security system. Alarm systems come in many types and styles, ranging from do-it-yourself packages to the most advanced video surveillance systems. If you want to protect your home against burglary in a solid way, let’s install a professional security system. Sophisticated systems equipped with outdoor sirens, shock lights, sensors and detectors ensure that the risk of burglary is seriously reduced. If you want more security and safety, you can expand the alarm system in the house with CCTV. Some home alarms which are integrated with cameras through your smartphone so you can even remotely control what happens to your home. The prices of alarm systems are changing often as the alarm is more advanced and sophisticated. What types of alarms are for your home and what price you should consider?

Securing home

The security of your home is a good choice if you want to sleep with peace of mind in evenings. Especially in winter, when the days are shorter, a greater sense of fear appears when it comes to burglaries. In the winter the number of burglaries is also considerably higher. Installing an alarm system to protect your home against burglary can then provide the necessary peace of mind. But you should have alarm systems in all seasons. For example, think of the increased number of burglaries in the summer season when many people are on vacation.

Install alarm yourself?

One of the ways to protect your home against burglary is to buy an alarm system that you install yourself. For less than a hundred euros you have an alarm system that you can place in-house. In the manual of the alarm system, it explains in detail how to make the whole and how you put everything into action. The disadvantage of these smaller alarm systems is that it produces no deterrent to the potential burglar: this kind of alarms is not visible from the outside. This do it yourself alarm system can be a good beginning to secure your house, but if you want to have more safety then it is advisable to call on a professional alarm installer.

Professional alarm system

Specialized companies can secure your home in the most diverse ways, depending on your needs. The more “alarm features” you want, the better your home will be protected against possible intrusions. The professional alarm installer will completely expand the alarm system according to the specific characteristics of your home so that each part of the system can function optimally. In this way, the firm delivers a fully customized alarm system, making the total price are also be higher than in the ready-to-use alarm packets from the do-it-yourself shop.

Alarms: types and functions

The professional alarm systems are increasingly sophisticated and thieves make it harder and harder to achieve more successful intrusions. We highlight some elements of a sound alarm system at a glance.

Outdoor siren

An outdoor siren is probably one of the most effective components of a professional alarm system. Thanks to sensors that can detect movements, a siren will alert residents and neighbors of a possible burglary.

Fright Light

Following unusual movements or undesirable activities on the property there may be a fear that any light catch burglars immediately on convulsions on the body. The burglar does not know for sure whether a sensor or the resident is at the origin of entering into the lamp. Here, plays a deterrent; it should be ensured that the burglars sensors can not switch off.

House Alarm with camera

The most profound part of an alarm system is probably CCTV. An extensive camera network in and around the home can be integrated into the global security system. When the camera catches suspicious or unwanted movements, the owner of the property can be notified. Some modern systems of home alarms with cameras offer the advantage that can log the owner via his smartphone or tablet into the system to see what is going on in the house.

Emergency Centre

The high-tech modern alarm systems are usually connected to an alarm center. If an alarm occurs, the central is also aware of, which then itself contacting the homeowner. If the homeowner indicates that it is not an accidental triggering the alarm, the police can be notified.


These types of alarms are less focused on security against burglary but certainly have their uses. A warning or an alarm can be put in motion in smoke (fire) or carbon monoxide. These detectors can be connected to a siren.

Prices of an alarm system

How much does an alarm?

Alarm systems can vary greatly in price, just because there are so many kinds and types of alarms exist. A do-it-yourself kit are from about 60 to 70 euros, and you must charge for a professional burglar alarm at a minimum of a few hundred euros, which can reach above the thousand euros and more. The more extensive and sophisticated the system is, the more expensive it will be. Also you must consider the cost of the subscription in order to communicate with the central station of the alarm. The containment of risk, of course, has its price.

Online price offers

To get a good idea of how much you can charge an alarm system, it is interesting to request online quotations of alarm installers in your region. After filling out personal information a quotation will be made according to your wishes. For example, you can fill all or you do not want a security camera, and whether it is a private residence or a business building.

How to Choose Different Fillings for Your Pillows?

If you are going to buy a new pillow then you often make an initial selection based on the pillow stuffing. When some people opt for a down pillow, the other prefers a light cushion of synthetic material. But did you know that your choice is much wider? So you can opt for a pillow with a woolen kapok– or buckwheat filling. When you go through the descriptions of the different types of fillings, you will have idea to choose your suitable one for your pillow.

Plenty of choice in terms of types of pillow stuffing

When you are looking for a new pillow, then you are amazed by the number of options you have, especially when it comes to choosing a stuffing. Everyone has heard of down, synthetic or memory foam pillows. But have you ever considered a wool, kapok- or buckwheat pillow? Each fill has its own unique properties in terms of strength, durability, degree of air circulation and ability to take up moisture. Would you like to make an informed choice the next time you buy a new pillow, so keep reading this topic.

The most common filling for pillows: down, synthetic and memory foam

Down Pillows are often filled with duck feathers or goose down. A characteristic of down is that it is very strong and firm. When you squeeze a down pillow then you notice that the filling is very smooth. For these characteristic, this cushion is in the more expensive segment. The price usually starts around € 65 and can rise to about € 150

Synthetic pillows are often quite soft, flabby and thin. It is therefore not unusual to impose two pillows on each other. It is an ideal choice for those who like to move the head often while sleeping on a fluffy pillow. These pillows are in the cheapest category. You can buy it in a department store with a few euros, while a more luxurious version rarely exceeds € 50 cost.

Memory foam or visco foam is a very special filling. When you press in and pulling it then you will see that the material automatically returns to its original shape. Memory foam mattresses are popular, especially among people with joint problems. An additional advantage is that the material hardly exerts counter pressure. This means that blood vessels can not be quickly squeezed and the blood circulation remains optimal, even when your night is in a weird turn. It is however advisable to use a flannel pillow because this otherwise fairly quickly absorbs perspiration. The price of a good memory foam pillow usually starts from around € 70 euros.

Wool: soft but not sink

It’s often a dilemma: you want a soft pillow, but you do not want to get sink. Then it is often a matter of water to compromise, but there is a good interim solution. Wool pillows combine both elements. Woolen pillows are stuffed with wool balls, which distribute the headrest. Therefore, they are strong enough to prevent that you really sink into, but still be able to feel soft. Wool is not present in any assortment, so you’ll have to sometimes just tracking. It is not expensive, from around € 40 you can already buy a wool pillow.

Kapok: an exotic option

Kapok comes from the kapok tree, which are popular especially in South America (including Suriname) and tropical West Africa. The fruits of the tree contain fibers that are commonly used for stuffing pillows. These down is soft and can also absorb sweat well. Therefore, these pillows are also used specifically as summer pillow. You avoid perspiration stains by using a pillow protector. Kapok is not expensive: a pillow does not need to cost more than € 30.

Buckwheat with neck pain

Buckwheat is not well known, but in Japan it is the most used cotton wool. Many people only come out with a buckwheat stuffing when they get loads of neck problems and seek the cause in their sleeping comfort. Actually, this is nonsense because there are various fillings which can contribute by their supporting properties as a solution to neck problems. However, it is understandable because a feature of buckwheat is that it is quite sturdy and prevents you from being fixed in a wrong posture during sleep. It is also sometimes said that buckwheat is therapeutic for the night. You’ll also notice that the pillows are quite heavy compared to those with other fillings. Buckwheat Pillows are already on sale from about € 50.

Wish you choose a suitable stuffing for your pillow!

Benefits of Home Insulation with Infrared Heating

To insulate your home properly, laying heating is a good choice. Thanks to this form of insulation, the distribution of heat is possible. One of the most modern forms of floor heating is done by means of infrared mats. These extremely thin infrared mats provide an advanced technique for warming up a super-fast distribution of heat in the room. Particularly, the objects in the living room (the furniture) will fulfill the function of heating source thanks to the system of indirect heating. Infrared heating is also more efficient, cheaper, more comfortable and healthier because air flows are avoided. This will avoid unnecessary dust or dirt into the living space, which is better for breathing. With infrared heating, your home, therefore, is very beneficial for both your wallet and your health. What are the benefits of infrared heating? Let’s read this article for more information.

Home heating

The heating of your home is needed to make it a little bit snug and cozy in cold winters. But the heating does not always run smoothly, sometimes the heat is not distributed right across the room. In a room with underfloor heating, it is equally hot everywhere. One of the ways to insulate your home in this way and at the same time heat is infrared heating.

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is an insulation system in which the floor of a room on a dry manner is heated. On that level, this form of heating is quite similar to electric underfloor heating, and differs from the “wet” form of heating (eg. Hot water). By infrared heating, infrared mats are laid under the floor which is distributed evenly heat the entire surface of the room.

Benefits of Infrared heating

Faster warm

Infrared floor heating has the function that faster heat is generated due to the infra-red mats. Thanks to instantaneous generation of heat via a high power (150 Watts per square meter) and a quick warm-up technique so you can quickly enjoy pleasant temperatures in the house. Moreover, the heat spreads via infrared quite evenly throughout the room. In order to be able to realize this advantage, it is best that the infrared mats have been processed in at least eighty percent of the space.

No unnecessary noise

Thanks to infrared heating you can easily adjust the desired temperature by a thermostat. By means of the thermostat, the ideal heat can be achieved in a silent way. Obviously, with infrared heating, you also save the space which is otherwise occupied by radiators and central heating units.

Comfortable warmth

Floor heating via infrared mats is experienced by many people as pleasant and comfortable than other forms of heating. The heat generated by infrared also heats the objects in the living room, similar to the sun that heats objects in the house. That means other objects like furniture itself perform the function of heating source. The yield is doubled by this “indirect heating” and you will enjoy a cozy warmth in the room.


Heat that is generated by infra-red heating is not affected by additional disturbing air currents. Because there are no air currents that bring unnecessary dust and dirt particles, which is better for breathing, so is good for health.

All types of floors

It does not matter whether you have a floor with tiles, parquet, laminate or a classic wooden floor: infrared heating is applicable to all types of floor covering. Because the infrared mats are particularly thin, then its installation is very easy. You need not to unnecessarily break floors to install infrared heating.

Infrared is cheaper

Infrared heating is a modern insulation technique which offers an advantage that many people prefer: it is cheaper and more efficient than most other forms of heating. At the same time, the effectiveness is very high, thanks to the fast heating technique. In addition, you avoid the cost of maintenance that you have to pay with other types of heating, such as hot water heating.

Prices of infrared heating

How much will these infrared heating costs in your home now? That depends on the surface to be processed, the quality of the infrared mats and labor costs. You can ask this question online, or the providers of infrared heating by applying for a quote. Prices of infrared heating begin from about 50 to 75 euros per square meter. In fact, you can find the offer of companies in your region underfloor quotations online.

Hope you choose a suitable infrared heating for your home!

04 Ways to Bring Nature into Home

It has long been known that nature has a positive effect on people. It can help you stay away the hectic and bustle of society. This is a shame, because the effects on health and productivity can increase when viewing or experience the nature. One solution is to bring nature indoors. This can be done in different ways, making it for everyone and for every budget is possible to enjoy all the beauty that nature offer.

An environment where one has different natural influences makes a more inspired and healthier environment. In addition, the look and experience of nature has a calming effect on health. It contributes, among other things, to lower stress levels. There are also several other positive effects from the experience of nature, such as self-confidence and lower blood pressure. Watching the nature and / or it can be experienced in different ways. For everyone there is a possibility to bring nature indoors.


The in house hanging natural art can all have a positive effect on health. A painting or photograph of a natural landscape has been ensuring that the calming effect of nature takes place. In addition, a work of art in the room is a nice piece of decoration and padding. The effect is stronger for someone who has art as interest.

You can, of course, also start making art. By being active in nature is the most experienced. Make a stump a side table or go into nature to make beautiful pictures in the living room. So nature is fully recognized during the busy life and the effect is still noticeable.

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants in the house have several positive effects on the welfare of people. First, it provides a colorful and warm environment. It often gives the house a cozy atmosphere. In addition, a colorful environment will increase the inspiration. Flowers and plants in a room decrease blood pressure as well. Also, this allows for greater productivity. A beautiful plant provides better performance. However, you should be cautious because certain flowers and plants cause allergic reactions such as hay fever.

Plants also provide a cleaner and better air quality in a room. This is partly due to the reduced concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. This substance is a nutrient source for plants. At the same time, the amount of oxygen in the air is increased. You will have no worries of a higher humidity and bad substances in the air. Also, the air temperature remains lower, especially in the summer, this is a huge advantage.

Interior and furniture

Natural objects can be used as an interior and furniture in the house. The use of earthy colors (brown and (dark) green color) creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere. These colors can be used in painted walls or wooden floors. Also the wood furniture can be processed which makes for a natural look. A tree stump as a side table or a handrail made of a large branch.

Of course there are many more different, creative ways to incorporate nature into the decor and furnishings. It contributes to warm and peaceful surroundings. This in turn has a positive effect on mood and health. It can also provide a natural environment for inspiration.


In an aquarium you should place a piece of nature around. An aquarium is a small underwater world that can have a very soothing effect by looking at it and observe it. Research by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and University of Exeter found that watching an aquarium lowers blood pressure of a person. It also found that the more fish are swimming around, the more positive the effect is. Make sure when buying an aquarium, however, that it is not crowded or too small for the fish that swim in it. This is harmful to the fish!

The calming effect of an aquarium can also be experienced outdoors in public aquariums or zoos. Watching the underwater world has both the health and mood a positive effect.

With all above positive effect of nature, we bet that you have many ideas to re-decorate your home with much nature touch. Let’s enjoy the natural atmosphere and better heath with nature.